Sizzlin Sunny, government name Jeremy D. Jones, is a lively, energetic artist from Dallas, Texas (Jungle West). He came into the music scene as Sunny D in 2007 with single “Mr. Cirque” as a part of the rap group CSB. He has since ventured out as a soloist perfecting his craft developing himself not only in his music, but all around. While making mostly “hip-hop” music in the past, he has now advanced to making R&B, pop, and EDM tunes. A move to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014 led to possibilities and provided the platform he was in search of. Performing at opens mics throughout Atlanta with a southern twang different from the Georgians, he landed opportunities to showcase his talent in front of bigger crowds. Living with the motto “hard work beats talent, when talent is scared of hard work” which he acquired from Sony music executive, Domonique Mitchell, he was back to steal the Texas market.

In 2016, Sizzlin Sunny traveled city to city handing out cd’s and memorabilia to people across the Lone Star state. He called this the Life Show Promo tour as he is CEO of Life Show Enterprise, LLC. These cd’s included his single, Purpose and bonus track Numbers. His unique sound and ability to sing made him unstoppable.

Summer 2017, J.D. Jones artist name Sizzlin Sunny signed a major distributor deal as a music executive with his company Life Show Enterprise LLC. through Sony Music/The Orchard/EDMG. While making the best music of his life, he is eager to provide opportunities to other independent artists throughout the world and is coming out with a compilation tape titled Life Show Docudrama: Episode 1 to be released January 2018 globally. With the help of his CFO, Katie “Sunshine” Elder and President, Jeremy “J Cotton” Cotton, amongst other members on his team, Life Show Enterprise has much more in store. Stay tuned.